Specialty Waste Water Treatment
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Specialty Water Treatment!

After 30 years.....we're just getting started!

To fulfil the need for honesty and integrity, both in advice, supply and service in the niche market of waste water treatment we decided to go into business ourselves to ensure we could deliver what our clients needed - I believe in it so strongly that I put my name to it.

Our History

My father worked hard for 27 years, helping to build an Australian chemical company from the ground up. Following in my father's footsteps, every day I strive to be half the worker he was. He never had the computers, the technology or the university degrees that we have, but he could always come up with a practical idea that would give his customers the value that they needed!

Building on that history

As a young bloke in the industry, many people miss the fact that I started in cooling towers thirty years ago this year. Seven years at Monash University, time and training at various water treatment companies around Australia, and opportunities from fantastic customers has allowed us to build a skill base in the waste water treatment niche that we believe is second to none. This is borne by our delivery of $3 to $7 savings for each chemical dollar our customers spend with us!

Why Us?

Waste water can be a huge cost at a modern food processing plant, when it does not necessarily need to be. 

Whether it's BOD reduction, sludge control, or just basic EPA compliance - it sounds like a job for Mr. Henderson....

We do the job right, with the right equipment and chemistry, backed with the right service, and always at a competitive price. Our customers do all of our selling for us - contact us to be put in touch with some industry references!